Pie and Some Sunday Training

Let’s start off with the pie…those of you who know me, know I have a special place in my heart for food. I have had several friends hype up The Pie Gourmet in Vienna. Because I was doing some AM training, I endulged in some of their chocolate pecan pie Saturday night. As good as it was (and it was very good),  it didn’t meet the expectations of their price tag. 8″ pie for $21.95. Yup it was solid, but way overpriced. Needless to say, not again.

chocolate_pecan_pie.asp (The Pie Gourmet)

With that being said, I headed into my Sunday am training sesh $22.50 poorer (+taxes), but ready to go. The focus was on the upper body. Things are continuing to move along at a nice clip. This week I began using Prilipen’s chart for my progression for bench. If you’re not familiar with the chart here you can find it here:  http://70sbig.com/blog/2012/05/prilepins-chart/ . I’ve used it in the past with success for myself and the athletes I have worked with.  I tend to lean on it often for training. Though with this cycle, I am adding a twist with timing each set and trying to beat the said time.

Shoulder complex
Ladder-Upper body
SSL Ballwork

Medball Work:
A. 1 hand Power drop 8# @ 3×10-15 (each hand)
B. 2 hand power drop 20# @ 5 x stop when begin to notice deceleration

Barbell Work:
C. Bench press 185 x 5×6 (all sets <5.2 seconds from start to stop)
D. Band Seated Rows orange x 3 x 30
E1. Rip Aparts 3×20 mini band
E2. Tri push down 3x 20 mini band
E3. Later raise 3×10 mini band

PWO: 2 cups Greek yogurt and 15 oz. beets


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